Best Destinations To See When Approaching To Tokyo

Known as a beautiful metropolitan city of the world, Tokyo becomes the perfect destination for tourists to explore the culture, long history and ancient beauty. If you have a tendency to travel to Tokyo, below are some great spots that you shouldn’t miss.

1. Harajuku

Harajuku is the center of Japanese street fashion. No doubt that many famous designers or fashioners like to visit Harajuku to find new fashion inspiration for their collections. Most tourists want to explore this site to get more chances to go shopping, but great things for themselves. There are plenty of fashionable clothing boutiques, famous restaurants in Takeshita Doori. Besides, Meiji Shrine seems to be quieter and more simple. It is suitable for those who want to take a rest and get rid of the noise and hurry of modern life.

2. Shibuya

Shibuya is Japan’s center of trendy youth fashion. Shibuya takes great pride in dining, shopping, entertainment, sightseeing. These two places are great impressions of Shibuya.

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3. Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo is really well-known worldwide. As the world’s largest and most vivid wholesale fish market, Tsukiji Fish Market is recommended with the huge volume of maguro tuna and other fish and seafood which are bought and sold every day. This land also attracts tourists by highest-quality sushi when compared to anywhere in the world. Get to drop by this market, spend time on viewing the crack of dawn and enjoy the best sushi.

4. Asakusa

Asakusa is reminded as the home of the Sens-Ji, a Buddhist temple to worship for bodhisattva Kannon. This district is full of the traditional atmosphere. The locals called it Shitamachi due to its low height. Sanja Matsuri, the most famous festival held annually in May, attracts thousands of visitors from over the world to enter.

Tourist Information in Japan

When traveling to Japan, the two most important tourist destinations you can not miss out are Tokyo and Kyoto. However, they are also several other worth interesting places for a visit.

There is such an interesting destination is Hiroshima. This city was attacked the world’s first nuclear bomb during World War II and it has virtually risen from ashes after getting decimated completely. The Peace Memorial Museum is also important to place to visit which houses details about the events that led to the attack.

Hirosaki Castle

Considered as nature’s paradise with most of its area being protected as national parks in Japan is Hokkaido Island. It is filled with fantastic volcanoes, ‘bottomless’ crater lakes, hot springs, and numerous mountain and ski resorts. Japan’s indigenous Ainu tribe also lives here.

This is the highest mountain peak in Japan with a perfectly symmetrical volcanic come-On on either side of the mountain, there are various hiking trails. The tourists can climb on Mt. Fuji during the summer season because it is considered a dormant volcano.

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