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Self-Care Tips Before and After a Couple’s Massage

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Spending some time as a couple means a lot for your relationship. It is even more beneficial if you spend this alone time getting a great massage!

Massage therapy is about relaxation and renewal. It is a chance to reset and get over any anxiety and depression. A time to bid your pains and tension goodbye and embrace a new revitalized you. As a couple, getting this experience together means a lot for your relationship. It will provide an even platform to have a fresh start and rebuild your relationship.

Here are some self-care tips before and after your couples massage to help you get the most from it:

Plan Your Massage Together                                                     

Massage is an intimate experience where you’ll give another person to work on your body. This means you have to get ready for this experience physically and psychologically. If you want your spouse to enjoy the experience, plan your massage together. If he is getting a massage for the first time, take time to explain what he should expect before, during, and after the massage. This way, he will be able to relax and enjoy this amazing experience at

Have Your Massage in the Later Hours of the Day

As a couple, there may be some tasks that each of you has to handle before going to the spa. You need to leave everything in order by delegating some of your tasks so that when you finally get to the spa, you have to worries to distract you.

Later in the day when you get to the spa for your massage, you’ll not only have enough time for the massage, but you’ll stretch this deep feeling into the night as you relax. It would not be so beneficial if you go for your couples massage and immediately after, you are so engrossed with chores and responsibilities. If possible, you can book a room where you will enjoy some amazing time together long after leaving the spa.

Make Use of Essential Oils

To get the most of your couples massage, you can ask the massage therapist to use a combination of essential oils. It will help in rejuvenating your skin, relieving you from all stress, and put you in the mood for love and romance if you are with your significant other.

Take Plenty of Water

Before and after your massage, it is important to stay hydrated. Water will not only make your massage experience better but will also help in getting rid of the toxins released into your system during the massage. If you suffered from soreness during your previous massages, taking plenty of water will help to keep the soreness as minimal as possible.

Maximize Your Time together

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